Bunz (El Conejo) (dabunz) wrote in japanfan_ottawa,
Bunz (El Conejo)

Cartooning Couses

I'm offering two new cartooning courses, page 28, starting next week. They are both about learning to draw cartoons, comic strips and comic books. One is Wednesday evenings, 7-9pm at Glebe Collegiate, for 7 weeks, and the other is Thursday evenings 7-9pm, at Bell High School, for 7 weeks, too.

I hope I can get the turnout I've been getting so far, for my Intro to Art program, at the Ottawa School of Art. Yes, these two new courses aren't free, I know, but the price works out to about $15 a week.

Come on out, have some fun, and maybe learn a few things about the art of cartooning.

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