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Classics and Series

I'm moving to the big TO for the summer and taking this chance to find good homes for the anime and J-horror I'll probably never watch again. I'm open to trading as well.

Saiuki: Season 1.

5 Disks, subtitled, only watched once and stored well, so disks are clean.



Grave of the Fireflies

1 Disk , subtitled.



Robotech Ep 49-54 + X-Tras Disk

2 Disks altogether, Dubbed, The extras DVD has some really cool development sketches.



Asian Horror + Others

($5 Each / 5 for $20)

St John's Wort

1 Disk, Subtitled. A story about a young actress and a video game creator trapped in her family mansion, being stalked by someone by her past.

Tale of Two Sisters

1 Disk, Subtitled. Two sisters go to live with their father and you are left to piece together their past from their fractured memories and increasingly bizarre events inside the house. I love this movie, the only reason I'd give it up is that I've watched it so often I have it memorized.

The Eye

1 Disk, Subtitled. A young blind woman gets eye transplants, but begins to see frightening visions of the dead.


1 Disk, Subtitled. Three (rather cute) young men get involved with a mysterious old woman who can foretell the future and the terrible accidents that they begin to suffer.

The Grudge

1 Disk, English Remake. Buffy is an American student in Japan, and becomes cursed by a house where a terrible murder occurred.

Parasite Eve

1 Disk, Subtitles. Vaguely based on the video game of the same name. Absolutely hysterical.


Not really anime, but close.


3 Episodes, English.


Dark Fury, Chronicles of Riddick

35 Mins, English. Pretty darn cool.


Anything $5 is 5 for $20, and first to buy 3 will get the Nicholas Tse Karaoke DVD.
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