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Manga for sale!

Probably of most interest to some of you, I've got a few Inu-Yasha and Ceres manga in the monthly release format, as opposed to the mass graphic novels that ViZ currently releases. For Ceres I have the entireity of volume one in issues 1-6, volume 2 issues 1-6, and volume 4 issues 1 and 2. For Inu-Yasha, I have part six (when Miroku's hellhole is widened and Inu-Yasha uses the Kaze no Kizu for the first time, when Naraku revives Kohaku, and they meet Jinenji), issues 4, and 6-11. All the issues are $6 each, or $4 each if you buy a volume set. All are in perfect or near-perfect condition.

For volumes I have Rg Veda (vol. 1), DragonBall Z (1), DragonBall (1), the All-New Tenchi Muyo! (2), Gravitation (2), Fushigi Yuugi (1, 17), Ranma ½ (22, 28, 36), Chobits (7), CLOVER (1), Girl Got Game (3), and Bleach (7).

All volumes are $6, except for a few that are in iffy condition and are $4, although I'm willing to barter.

I also have a number of DragonBall Z books in French, which are $2 each, except for a few damaged ones (they originally belonged to the public library) that I'm willing to give away for free.

Those interested can e-mail me at halfling[.]rogue[@]gmail[.]com (put "Manga for sale" as the subject so that I don't think it's spam!). I live in the south end of the city, near the South Keys shopping centre, but I'm willing to bring them to people's houses if you're not too far away.
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