Captain Hex (hexpiritus) wrote in japanfan_ottawa,
Captain Hex

Looking For Anime/Manga Artists

I'm looking for anime or manga artists who are also into the gothic culture, either through their lifestyle or through their art.

I've having a show on Mon. Sept. 4 @ Avant-Garde Bar selling zines and chapbooks for my small press, having local industrial and electronica DJs, showing a local B-grade slasher movie, and having a "bad goth poetry" contest.

In addition, I would like to have artists on a panel to be able to draw sketches, small portraits, or "convention badges"-like illustrations for any attendee of the event. What does the artist get out of it? Well, they get a free drink for participating, and they can only draw one free picture per attendee, so if that person wants more art, they have to pay for it. :) Secondly, the artists are allowed to bring any finished work, prints, and the like to sell at the show.

Check out and for more details. Respond to this post if you're interested, or email me at

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