"i have the mostist with the hostist" (kougarulz) wrote in japanfan_ottawa,
"i have the mostist with the hostist"

new comm.

hello. before anyone says i can't advertise my community here. i have permission from boukyou to post this .... well considering i'm her roommate now .... and me threatening to kill her, probably made it possible ..... *thinks about it* ........ well anyways. i made a community for the anime convention thats held in ottawa once a year ^^.  you can post pictures you took from AC3, talk about cosplaying ideas, tips on making costumes, or to set up meetings like photoshoots. this community is just brand new. i got permission from the AC3 to post updates there. and there going to be keeping an eye on this comm. and probably post some ideas or news. note they did inform me they probably might. well anyways ^^ come on and sign up. AC3 is just 3 months away ^^ lets hear those cosplay ideas ^o^

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