kristen (to_the_lake) wrote in japanfan_ottawa,

hi i just moved to ottawa and i have a lot of manga and anime that im looking to get rid of.

all of it is in mint condition and the dvds have just been viewed once or twice.

i have (and am looking to sell):

neon genesis evangelion box set (viewed twice): $50 or less if given another offer.

X the movie in good condition: will sell for $7

X volume 0 dvd: in great condition for $10

cowboy bebop the movie: (a little wear on the cover) $7

Hellsing dvd volume one: this one has a bit more wear but i will sell it for $10 or any other offers i get)

X manga volumes 5-18 i think, all in mint condition that i will sell for $5 a peice- or for another offer

yu-gi-oh manga volume one: $5

yu yu hakusho manga volume one: $4

megatokyo manga volumes one, two and three (all in mint condition) i will sell for $3 a peice or $5 for all three

Tokyo Babylon volumes one and two (mint): will sell both for $8 or another offer

cowboy bebop manga volume one (mint): $5

prince of tennis, volume one in perfect condition: $7

i also have several mint volumes of tsubasa somewhere that i am trying to find (we just moved to ottawa a few months ago) but if anyone is interested id be willing to sell for $4 a volume.

i really need this money for university so i am willing to negotiate prices. if anyone would like to see actual pictures of any particular items to ensure that they're in good condition ill be happy to email you pictures or post them here.

anybody interested?
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