staticsurfer (staticsurfer) wrote in japanfan_ottawa,

gashapon and etc for sale

Hidamari no Tami -Fishing-
Colour: Orange
Price: $35

extremely rare... this version is the UK version that was released by Flair which is a subsidiary of TOMY Japan

Rare Mai Shiranui Gashapon -brand new in box-
Price: $15

Sailor Saturn Set (Sailor Saturn, Chibi Hotaru and Hotaru)
Price: $20 or best offer since i cant find sailor saturn's silence glaive

Soul Calibur Gashapon - Taki
Price: $10

shoot me an offer and we can work out a deal... :)
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I doubt you even log on still, but do you have the Saturn gachas?
sorry its been long gone.. :(
hehe, no worries <3 I found you via Google if curious XD